Top 3 Orlando Endodontic Specialists

When it comes to Orlando endodontic specialists you need to be careful since not all endodontist have your best interest in mind, some do a pretty mediocre job while other do fantastic work, some might be way to expensive while others might be too good to be true. If you’re going to spend your money then you should make sure you get your money’s worth. Just as an FYI, I do not receive any funding from any of these endodontist listed (If I were, I would be legally obligated to tell you by FTC laws). The endodontist that you’ll see listed below are the one’s I’ve found that are located in Orlando and has a decent reputation. The reason why I say “decent” is because you’ll never find an dental practitioner (or any business in general) with 100% positive reviews, so basically the ones listed below will have the “least” negative reviews.

The endodontist listed below are not in any particular order, so if one is too far away, too expensive, or simply doesn’t except your insurance then just any of the other endodontist listed:

Dr. Aaron Isler, DDS

Graduated from Michigan State University as well as University of Michigan, he also attended University of Florida where he then received his Endodontic certification and his Master of Science degree in Oral Biology.

Dr.Isler has over 4.5 out of 5 stars on as well as several 5 star reviews on

610 N Mills Ave
Ste 210
Orlando, FL 32803

Lake Eola Heights, Mills50

Office Phone: (407) 423-7667



Dr. Mauricio Chavarriaga, DDS


Another great endodontist that’s serving the Orlando area is Dr. Mauricio Chavarriaga who graduated from The Health and Science Institute and was a general dentist for 5 years prior to becoming an an endodontist in orlando in 2007. Dr.Chavarriaga own East Orange Endodontics and is part of the , as far as reviews are concerned there are not that many, I’ve found around maybe 15 reviews across both google reivews as well as and 95% were all positive. Dr.Chavarriaga is part of 7+ association including the American Dental Association.



10800 Dylan Loren Cir
Ste 103
Orlando, FL 32825

East Orlando

Office Phone: (407) 704-7863



Dr. Adam Bergman, DMD

Dr. Bergman graduated from Phi Beta Kappa which is an honors society for science and Liberal arts in the U.S. He also went to the University of Florida where he studied Cell Science as well as Microbiology. After graduating from the University of Florida he went on to study at Harvard School of Dental Medicine and later at Temple University where he received his endodontic specialty training.

Based on the reviews I was able to find, the vast majority gave Dr. Bergman 5 stars and none of the reviews found across yelp, google reviews, or healthgraders were negitive.

12301 Lake Underhill Rd
Ste 104
Orlando, FL 32828

Waterford Lakes, East Orlando

Office Phone: (407) 581-9515


To Sum Things Up!

All 3 dentist listed above are all specialist and have the proper training to get the job done right. These are not the only qualified endodontist in the Orlando but they are some of the most highly recommended based on user reviews.

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Top 3 Orlando Endodontic Specialists
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